Early Life Edit

Tires Melgur was a Human from K664, a mining planet. He grew up and wanted to become a captain, but at age 13 he got caught in an explosion that permanently blinded him. After he was blinded he couldn't work in the mine anymore, so he traveled to K665 the next door planet. K665 was a bank planet, Tires would train to learn how to read braille and become an accountant.

After seven years of discontentedly managing other peoples money, he met a Celle called Joja. Joja and Tires became quick friends. They were both ambitious. Tires was able to wire a lot of money from his clients to a joined account of Joja and Tires. Joja was the one who kept it secret for so many years. He payed of the government to keep them quiet. Over years and years they became multi triollionears. Joja shuffeled most of the money to M31, that meant that it was out of milky way jerodstriction. When the public started noticing there was outrage. Tires and Joja were exiled to M31. It was coined as the biggest case of theft in history. Luckilly most of their money was in in M31.