Briefing Edit

The Areseld also known as the Galactic government 31 are the rulers of M31. They have their BO near the center of M31. The centre is a giant cluster of stars that could melt through most elements. Only entemite and a few other rare elements can endure the heat. They have been completely safe from any attacks there. They call the general area around (and including) the BO Stacks.

They use a throton thruster to stay a preferable distance away from the massive black hole. There has only been one black hole related death in Stacks. It was a space pirate who got captured by the Areseld and tried to escape at just the wrong time.

The Areseld contain a vast amount of different races, because of this BO is often referred as the galactic melting pot.

History Edit

The Areseld was started by the human federation as a way to control M31. The original grand meister Tires Melgur was a human from K664.